Manufacturer of artisanal scented candles in France

You are a company, a real estate agency, a hotel, a restaurant, a communication agency, a works council committee, etc ?

You want to please and thank your customers, suppliers and employees. Benelli's help you create your own signature scent in the form of a candle, mist, soap, and more.

We are at your disposal throughout the manufacturing process.



The candle container can be made of glass, metal, terracotta according to your preferences.


The color, the dimensions of the container are also customizable.


Circular, oval, rectangular, square, be creative, your project should look like you. Our R&D team meets all your needs.


The choice of design on the container or the lid in screen printing, engraving, 3D stickers...: your logo, a text, an illustration. Customize to your picture.

Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée

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Our Waxes

- 100% vegetable made from rapeseed and soy. We automatically favor vegetable waxes for the sake of environmental quality.

- We can still work with mixed wax, that is to say vegetable wax mixed with paraffin wax. These mixtures will be specify according to your specific need.

- The wax can also be colored if desired.


The Scents

Here is the non-exhaustive list of fragrances available in our perfume library:

- White musk
- Gingerbreads
- Tuberose
- Oud wood
- Peppermint
- Palo Santo
- Basil mint
- Cotton flower
- Fig blossom
- Orange blossom
- Lychee
- Lemongrass
- Praline
- Lemon
- Mimosa
- Pins
- Tree
- Lily of the valley
- Lilac
- Coffee
- Rose
- Amber
- Vanilla
- Lavender
- Jasmine
- Eucalyptus
- Blueberry
- Citrus
- Incense
- Monoi


We also offer tailor-made perfume making by working with our artisan perfumers from Grasse, here are some of them examples :

- Cognac
- Breath of the Orient
- Amber Inclusion
- Mandarin Geranium
- Blue Incense
- Palo Santo Rose
- Bourbon Lychee


We can also develop other products such as

- Interior mists
- Soaps
- Shower gels
- Body perfume

The process remains the same, we follow you throughout the project and we create your olfactory signature with you in all the desired shapes



Base casting between €0.03 to €0.07 per gram.
Example: 100 grams of cast wax varies between €3 excl. tax and €7 excl. tax depending on the project

Orders start from 100 pieces per fragrance.

Our team is agile, flexible, efficient and responsive. We are fully aware of olfactory marketing needs. We offer a turnkey service.

We have an R&D department for all more complex requests. For this type of request the minimum is to be calculated according to our suppliers.

They trust us

Bougies parfumées personnalisée
logo TFI
logo bein
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée
Bougies parfumées personnalisée

You are in olfactory reflection? Write to us !

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Address: Street Maréchal de Logis,

06400 Cannes,


4 Rue Maréchal de Logis, 06400 Cannes, France

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The team :

We are at your disposal throughout the manufacturing process. Tell us directly your wishes, your story, your memories. It is a moment of sharing and exchange between you and us to truly capture the essence that suits you. From this first step will result several samples among which are most often your favorite, your revelation.

Hamdi : Créateur de bougies

Hamdi: Creator of scents
Coming from the world of marketing. He travels the world from an early age. Then there is a passion for odors of raw materials as well as perfumes. Each trip will be marked with notes particular, the Orient will refine its nose on powdery and spicy notes. Asia where he spent 5 years of his life, will make him discover the fruity and floral notes... As a result, he created an olfactory library exceptional and experienced.

He brings to BENELLI an innovative and avant-garde vision, and will transcribe all your stories, all your values in unique and appealing fragrances. Hamdi is a romantic/perfectionist, for him scents are gateways to transport notes that awaken emotions, passions and memories.

Elise : Acheteuse des bougies

Elise: Buyer
Beginning her career in tourism marketing, she will travel the world and expand her repertoire to then embark on what drives him deeply. “Candle Addict” is like that that her nose will work at first, then in search of originality she will play with her contacts to bring him candles from all over the world.

Wanting to go further, she created the BENELLI with Hamdi, and decided to embark on the wax craft. According to its sensitivity, its experience she is the head of purchasing and will be able to find you the rarest foodstuffs for make your most eccentric perfumes.